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  • This is Ge​orge Brown's Geobox. Its a Spirit radio . This one is made out of wood from the famous haunted house The Emmet House in Ohio. It burned down and the wood was retrieved​. The second picture is the top view of the Geobox. It's amazingly clear & minimal static getting entire sentences from the spirits.

The Flir is an instrument documenting heat fluctuations in atmosphere, spirits as well as people.

The fourth   piece of equipment is an infrared, night vision camcorder. It's invaluable as we do our work in darkness. 

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Point & Shoot Temperature Gun- Documents temperature fluxuations & change.

Go Pro Video Cam- miniature camcorder

Walkie Talkies- used for communication between team members

Shadow Detector- Detects Shadows

SB 7 Spirit Box- Enabled spirit communication via white noise

Laser Grid- Shows a grid of lights that will show a interruption via shape or mass 

 Audio Recorder- Voices that cannot be heard audibly to the naked ear can be heard as evp's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) Spirit Voices that cannot be heard audible to the ear can be heard on a  recorder.

Motion Detector- picks up motion by making an audible sound

Custom Wonder Box By Steve Huff- Spirit box to talk with spirits with minimal background noise

Mini HD Cam-- Mini Camcorder

Paranormal Pod Meter-  This measures temp and motion

Ghost Box hack- a small radio made to scan through stations fast to create white noise to talk with spirits

Ovilus 4- an database dictionary on the premise that spirits pick out words in which to communicate with

Ovilus 5- an database dictionary on the premise that spirits pick out words in which to communicate with

SLS Camera- Takes the energy of spirits and brings it up on a screen

Paranormal Pyramid- Measure Vibration

Geophone- Measures Emf( Electromagnetic energy) Vibration & Temperature

SB11 Spirit Box- Catches spirit voices via white noise

Echo Vibe- Measures vibration

EMF Field Tester- tests EMF

EM Pumps-Theories suggest that certain energy can provide 'fuel' for spirits to communicate with us or manifest themselves. This EMF Pump is a safer way to provide the energy they need.

This EM Pump creates a low level magnetic field in varying pulses and frequencies

Anomaly Meter-The Anomaly Meter is a combination of the SEM Meter (Simple Energy Meter including EMF, Ionization and static charges) and the HLC Heat / Light Converter Thermal Flashlight. It allows the user to see thermal changes and detect energy changes around the device

Cleansing Herbs- among them Pale Sandalwood

Cleansing Items- Lavender bulbs and other cleansing items

2nd photo- Palo  Santo Sticks, Salt from the Dead Sea

Cleansing Items-Black Tourmaline stones protective repels & Block negative or psychic attacks

Cleansing Items-  incense burner, abalone shell , Frankincense 

Cleansing Items- Holy Water Holder, Frankincense,feather to spread incense smoke

Second Photo- White Candles Cleansing

Sea Salt From Dead Sea- To Cleanse & Seal doors

Holy Oil - Cleanse & Seal

Holy Water- To bless areas or rooms

The Rook- EMF Meter w/ Sound

Device Holder- Holder that holds and lets you carry 2 devices in one hand

RT-EVP- Real time evp listening device that lets you listen to evp as they happen

Steve Huff Custom Wonder Box-   Made special with Bells and whistles & excellent Clarity

Ghost Boxes

EMF Detectors- Measures emf (electromagnetic frequency

Digital EMF Detector

Digital Camera

More Shack Hacks

Flashlights- Used for vision & Spirit communication

Equipment Vest

Boo Buddy- Toy Bear used in cases where spirit children might be involved bear measures emf, Temperature & touch also uses voice prompts

EVP Device- Used for instant evp's

Rem Pod-used for emf, & touch, Temp functions

Polaroid Camera- often said black and white film taken by this is great for spirit photos


Wristwatch EVP Recorder

Paranormal Puck 2-monitoring EMF, temperature, humidity, light levels, barometric pressure, movement, ionization / static levels and produce the legendary ITC sessions the original Paranormal Puck was known for. Instead of needing a PC the Paranormal Puck 2 will work with smart phones and tablets (iOS and Android).

Scientific EMF Meter

Zoom audio recorder

George Browns Geoport Spirit Box Portable

8 camera recording system

Pendulums- used for yes /no spirit communication