A brief background


S.P.I.R.I.T. takes pride in all we do, we value integrity & character. Our investigations are technology-based with state of the art scientific equipment. We also feel it’s crucial to approach each case from a scientific research and practical point of view, eliminating all other explanations for reported activity. Our priority is our clients & their welfare. We are there every step of the way until the the client feels safe and their home is restored to one of peace. We do not charge for our services; however, we do ask that questionnaires are filled out as truthfully & thoroughly as possible. The information given allows us to know what we need in order to efficiently/effectively investigate, be safe, and cleanse the home. We have a strict policy of anonymity- nothing regarding client’s identity will ever be disclosed unless given permission.

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After the investigation, we have different types of cleansings we use depending upon the need and severity of the activity. We can perform a house clearing, help earthbound spirits cross over, and others for more severe cases. We believe in helping earthbound spirits cross over as part of our regiment.​

We invite the clients to participate in the cleansings as they need to take back their home from the activity & entities. Although, we do generally ask, unless there's a specific reason, that children have alternate plans during the investigations & cleansing. 

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Collectively we have 11 years of experience in researching and investigating the paranormal. We are compassionate, caring & most of all, respectful of people & spirits of God. We believe spirits have free will like we do. We also believe they retain the personalities and emotions they had in life. This is something we always try to remember when we investigate - that we are dealing with souls deserving of the same decency and kindness we believe we deserve from others. By using knowledge gleaned from the true scientists of the industry, we are trained and skilled with the methodology of research of the paranormal. 

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Supernatural & Paranormal Research & Investigations In Texas

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Our Products and Services


We always come to you.  After receiving the completed questionnaire, we schedule our visit...it's usually  2-3 weeks from that time. The  questionnaire you complete beforehand  prepares us with information for the investigation--the type of activity being experienced, the history of the home and area, etc...  Furthermore, whether you have picked up a Ouija Board or been curious about something....those sorts of things are crucial to share as well. The more information we have, the better prepared we will be to help you with the solution you are looking for. Along with the questionnaire we will send a few papers of "do's & don't's"  and some suggestions you may want to do in the interim that might lessen the activity.

Investigation Day

You don't have to do a thing,  just relax. We do, however,  ask that children have alternate plans during the investigation & cleansing, unless there's a specific reason. We usually arrive about 7:30 pm--the Investigation normally takes anywhere from 3-4 hours. Firstly, we like to have a tour of the home pointing out areas of activity and then based upon that we set up our equipment. The bulk of our time is spent collecting evidence in various ways. Lastly, we discuss with you our immediate findings and share whether there is a need of a cleansing to be performed that night together with what type of cleansing.  After thoroughly reviewing all evidence gathered we will share our findings and provide you with an audio/video CD of the evidence. Your comfort and peace are paramount to us and we will follow up periodically 

Donations ​

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